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Standard period of study: Total score for support in the study entry phase. Students may also be able to undertake paid employment as a means of financing their stay in Germany. Applicants may demonstrate adequate proficiency in German by submitting one of the following qualifications: Dear prospective students, We depend on your feedback to fit our service to your needs, so please help us improve it! Support for stays abroad.

Dissertation veröffentlichen nomos kosten –

Personal tools Log in Personensuche. The course includes an obligatory twelve-week internship abroad and a thesis. In the heart of the so-called Saar-Lor-Lux triangle, Saarland is strongly influenced by its neighbours France and Luxembourg.

What can I study where in Germany? Cooperative doctoral degrees in three years. Students in cooperative education.

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Total score for support thesls the study entry phase. What should I study? Percentage of teaching by practitioners. Total number of students Percentage of teaching by practitioners 8. Support during practical semester. The development process is long and costly, and mainly to produce the information to meet high regulatory requirements.

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In contrast, imitation involves negligible costs and much reduced risks. This is one of the reasons the pharmaceutical industry depends greatly on patent protection.

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Despite the existing patent system, however, the number of new medications per year has decreased, especially during the last decade. In comparison, the number of second generation patents and products has been drastically increased.


This industry is accused both of neglecting its real mission of providing new medications while generating second generation products, and of preventing the entry of generics. The dissertation reviewed whether the concerns are justified, and, if so, whether or how the patent system can improve the situation that confronts pharmaceutical companies and society. Passwort vergessen? Wenn Sie einen Freischaltcode erhalten haben, geben Sie ihn bitte hier ein:. Login de en.

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