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On the other hand, the pursuit ofmoney may threaten both his physical and spiritual health. Besidesthat, his desire for power and money may lead him to go astray hencethe long-time enigma of how much evil is justified to get the good issolved. Inthe story, the young man cannot let go of his wealth because he stillhas greediness in his blood which is one on the most deadly sins,therefore it is true to say that it is easier for a camel to go throughthe eye of needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

If one has to choose, definitely health is better than wealth.

Story Essay Spm – 457699

Ahealthy person can look after not only himself but also others. Incontrary, an ailing person is a drain on other. Well, he can buymedicines, pay a visit to a health resort or long hospitalization butit can neither buy health nor happiness. Ask a rich man who has beenthrough along illness, will he be happy.

In this case, theelement which exist the happiness is love not money. In conclusion,money by itself surely never brings happiness to anyone. Everyday we meet people. Many of them become instant acquaintancesand most acquaintances bloom into friendship.

Topic on narrative essay draft prezi

Often this transitionperiod occurs gradually. Friends come into ours lives and go. Few staya while longer and fewer still leave footprints in our hearts and thesands of time. Who is a friend and what are the qualities a friend should possess? The definition of a friend and friendship varies with each individual. For me, a good friend is someone who understands me, accepts me forwhat I am and at the same time inspires me to do the best.

At apersonal level, a true friend should not give up on me, should alwaysforgive my mistakes and never judge me by actions as sometimes myactions may be rash and inconsiderate. We live in a very competitive world. Most of us are caught up in therat race of paper chase, mounting work pressure and demanding familycommitments take a toll on our time and energy. Consequently most of usexperience mood swings due to high expectations placed upon us. It isduring times like these, when we are burdened with responsibilities andlife seems to be an endless uphill struggle, that we seek the comforting words of a friend; a friend who urges youto pick up the pieces and move on.

A good friend is always there tolend a helping hand or to lend us a shoulder to cry on. At the same time, a friendshould be trustworthy and loyal. When friends trust us with secrets, weshould never betray their confidence. No one can confide in someonewhom he cannot trust to keep his secrets. True friendship is demanding. It requires loyalty, trust, empathy,support and understanding. However, one should never expect suchvirtues in a friend unless he is willing to offer these virtues inreturn. In other words, one must be a friend to have a friend. It may be impossible to find all these virtues in a single friend.

However, should I come across such a friend; I shall treasure ourfriendship for life. As I reminisce about the good times I have sharedwith the best of my friends, the words of William Shakespeare keepsringing in my ears. Yes, friendship that has stood the test of time should be most revered and happy is the man who is blessed with such a friend. For each problem my teenage daughter tells me, mine are only 2 foldsof what she has. All I hear from my daughter is her infatuation problems, girl power,the latest fad and of course, a raise in her allowance. Recently, shehad a crush on Adam Brody, some teen movie stars sensation.

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Whenever Icall him Adam. Nobody I get a whack on the arm. No worries of any boy problems for nowuntil I ship her off to a nunnery. She continues to lecture me on women rising in power. In otherwords, she daily rents on battling the so-called popular girls inschool. Yesterday, some girls named Brittanny called her a fashionretard when she wore her favourite earring, a plastic panda face.

Anyway the girl was caught red-handed while applying eyeliner in thetoilets. Serves her right, my daughter and I agreed. In the middle of our conservation, I noticed that her neckline werea little too low, and showing a little too much! Within seconds, she woke up and upstairs to changeinto some proper clothes, the bunny pyjamas which I brought her lastyear. In not more then fifteen minutes, she came down and flopped herselfat my side just like she used to when she was 5.

With pleadingpuppy dog eyes, she begged me to increase her allowance.

I heaved asight of resignation and took out my wallet. The gleam in her eyes wasdifficult to miss. When she saw the hundred ringgit note, her mouthwidened. I could have sworn there was a drop of drool on the seat rest. Hundred fifty-five and two ringgit. I gave her the green not with agrin. I said handlingit to her.

She squinted her eyes in dissatisfaction yet kissed me good nightbefore running off. The missus comes in with a warm smile.

Much more than documents.

A Promise. It plays over and over again in my mind, like something sort ofhorrible movie. I promised to stay with her forever. Never to leave heragain. I made this promise because I remember the day when she brokeher left leg and it was my entire fault. I will never forget the accident that caused my sister to walklimply for the rest of her life.

It happened when my sister and I wereeleven. Near our old house lies the most beautiful and sacred place in theworld. It was a forest.

Everyday after school, we would go there together. I remember clearlywhat happened on that day. When we arrived, my sister, Emma, immediately sat by the river. Sheloved to sit by the river, admiring the surrounding as she pondered onher own thoughts. As for me, I wanted adventure. Nearby, I spotted apath in the woods that I had never explored before. The problem was… Ihated going alone and the only person nearby was Emma.

How about exploring it together? Emma hasbeen shy and afraid of exploring places. A plan then came into my mind.

I saw a fewwent that way. Just as I expected, Emma got up to follow me. That was when I heard sound that haunted me forever. An early piercingscream and then a series of sickening cracks. I was too afraid. Iturned and walked slowly to the side of a low cliff. I then realized myworst fear. Down the cliff ledge, my sister was lying there in astrange position. If only I had waited, maybe this would never havehappened.

I ran home to get for help.

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My parents immediately sent Emma to thenearest hospital.