Factors that affect the resistance of a wire coursework

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  1. Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance?
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For starters I will go through the main definitions, to get a better knowledge of what is going to happen.

However I will plan it out first to show each step of how I started, and then go into detail about the results and what the investigation on a whole has showed me. I shall then conclude my findings and present them with.

Hows does changing the length of wire affect resistance?

There are factors which can affect how accurate our expriment is come on four levels. As in any scientific experiment, there are always variables "likely to change or vary subject to variation; changeable. Resistance in a Wire Coursework In this investigation we are trying to look for resistance in a piece of wire, and how the length of a wire can increase or decrease the resistance.

The temperature can affect the resistance in a wire, because the more thermal.

Resistance of a Wire Coursework

Current and Resistance Physics Investigation Aim: Investigate how the length of a wire affects the current and resistance of a wire. Prediction and Hypothesis: I think as you increase the length of the Constatan wire, you also increase the amount of resistance. The current is the flow of electrons; the current is dependent on the amount of voltage, which is applied. Voltage is the push given to the current. The current has to go through a circuit, which contains resistance so if you increase.

Factors Affecting The Resistance Of A Wire

How does Length affect resistance? Coursework Aim To find out how the length of a wire can affect resistance. Resistance is measured in ohms. Introduction: Some metals such as copper, silver and gold are very good conductors of electricity.

Preliminary Investigation

This is because they all have only one electron on the outer shell. This means that they need only a tiny amount of energy in order to allow the electron to move.

Factors affecting Resistance of a wire

Non-metals, however, do not have free electrons, so even non-metals that only have one electron on their outer shell can still hold onto them tightly. Aim Of The Investigation:. Draw a diagram of the battery, label the flow of electrons. Answer: The electrons.

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Batteries, Resistance and Current Introduction: Voltage can be thought of as the pressure pushing charges along a conductor, while the electrical resistance of a conductor is a measure of how difficult it is to push the charges along. Using the flow analogy, electrical resistance is similar to friction.

For water flowing through a pipe, a long narrow pipe provides more resistance to the flow than does a short fat pipe.

Resistivity - Limiting factors? | Physics Forums

When using a power supply, high currents will cause the safety cut-out on the power packs to automatically switch it off. If short lengths of wire are used with relatively high currents and voltages, then significant electrical heating may also occur. Students should be encouraged to adjust the voltage to keep currents small with every set of readings.

At each stage they can connect the circuit, take readings quickly and then disconnect the power supply. If you use a mains power supply, use one that is designed to limit the output current to about 1 amp, and preferably with a current overload indicator.

You can easily share this resource via email or social media using the links found at the top of the page. For 11 Resources. Practical Activity Class practical: a problem-solving activity, using the concept of resistance in the context of a concert sound system. Demonstration: model a fuse using fine strands of steel wool.


Too large a current causes the steel fibres to heat and melt, Are you a practising physics teacher? Want to become a Chartered Physicist? We're here to help. Get in touch at teachercphys iop. Electrical Resistance. Would you recommend this resource to a colleague?