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For you to decide what you include in this essay, you must consider relevance. It is essential in determining the characteristics that are worth comparing and contrasting. With a good thesis statemnt5, you will be able to determine the relevance of facts or lack thereof. As such, you must formulate a strong thesis statement. Comparison and contrast essays apply to everyday life.

How to Write a Comparative Analysis |

People use it to compare experiences, people, and products and so on. Therefore, it seems fairly natural and straightforward way of thinking. However, for no clear reason, comparison and contrast become hard in writing, especially if one tries to force it into a five-paragraph essay. Maybe it would become much easier if the purpose and organisation of this essay were put under review.

Most comparison and contrast essays serve many purposes as well as develop different tones. The purpose of this essay concerns the following aspects:. All comparison and contrast essays mostly follow one of the two organisational patterns. If the items under comparison are similar and the focus is only on the few characteristics or criteria, the writer uses the point-by-point pattern, also known as an organisation by criteria.

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When the items under comparison are not similar or when there are many criteria to consider, the point-by-point is not applicable. The presence of many criteria breaks the essay into many pieces for easy reading. In this case, the block comparison, also known as the organisation by item applies.

The Purpose of Comparison and Contrast in Writing

The purpose such assignment is to analyse the differences and the similarities between two subjects. A good essay does not merely point out the similarities and differences; instead, it makes good use of this point to make a sound argument about the two subjects. Check examples of compare and contrast essays to ascertain this. It can be somewhat intimidating to deal with this kind of an essay, but you need not worry. A little practice is all that matters to write a great compare and contrast paper. This is how you go about it. Once you are done writing, revise your paper for any mistakes.

Proofread and edit out anything that is inconsistent with your thesis statement. Make your paper presentable to your audience, which in this case is your instructor. Purpose Most comparison and contrast essays serve many purposes as well as develop different tones. The purpose of this essay concerns the following aspects: Evaluation The purpose here is to which of two items is the best or the most desirable.

In this case, the comparison focuses on the advantages of one item and the disadvantages of the other. It treats the two items as if they are competing. The tone may become more argumentative especially if the writer is trying to prove that his evaluation or judgement is correct. In other examples of compare and contrast essays, some writers try to maintain objectivity by remaining neutral in this comparison and to them, it does not matter which item is the best.

Understanding The writer tries to get a clear picture of the items, people, or events by comparing and contrasting them with other items, people, or events that are similar to them. This kind of purpose does not view anything as superior to the others. The tine is seldom argumentative is the purpose is to show understanding and appreciation. The writer maintains objectivity towards all the items irrespective of whether it is negative or positive.

Organization All comparison and contrast essays mostly follow one of the two organisational patterns. Point-by-point comparison This explores all the similarities or differences between each item. Every material in this type of comparison must be synthesised and organised logically. Your paper must conclude with a summary and analysis of the findings, reminding the audience of the relationships that you have noted between the two subjects. Block format This comparison deals with subject A exhaustively and then moves to do the same for subject B. To create a seamless and unified paper while using this format, consider the following tips: Your introduction should be clear and so should your thesis statement.

The two sections should link with a strong transition that shows the relationships between the subjects. Remind the reader about your thesis statement and summarise the major points about subject A and a snapshot of the points you will discuss on Subject B. Your conclusion should summarise and analyse the findings, reminding the audience of the relationships you have identified between subject A and subject B.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing: 4 Great Tips

How to write a compare-and-contrast essay The purpose such assignment is to analyse the differences and the similarities between two subjects. Formulating your argument When formulating your compare and contrast essays argument, pick two subjects that are adequately different to be compared. These are to identify exact contrast and comparison between both topics. Comparison essays are to record only the similarities or also both the dissimilarities and similarities. But the contrast essay mainly focuses on the differences. For instance, if you are pursuing a course of social study, your class must be working on a specific unit about the living area of the people, urban, rural and suburban.

Your teacher will assign the topic to compare the life of the different city to the life on the farm. There will be some instructions for you that the essay should compare both, provide the contrasts and also the similarities in both types of living. It will prove that the writer or the student understand the exact differences between two diverse types of life and living. These types of essays clarify something that is quite unknown and not properly understood. So, it is for leading to the fresh insight or discovering a completely new way with a new outlook. The compare and contrast essay brings both of the topics in a sharper focus to show that the one topic is better than the other but these two have some similar points to compare.

Same points will converge there for both of the subjects but this is not always obligatory to give two subjects on a similar notch of augmentation.

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  • These are the multi-paragraph writing composition that explains the right ways and how two topics are different and similar. Compare means describing the resemblances.

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    If you are writing about the village life and city life, you need to consider at least one paragraph about the similarities between both and what common elements observable are there. Contrast means the differences between two subjects and how the city life is vastly different from the village life. Compare and contrast essays can easily cover any topics and that may pop up in various areas of topics. In order to have their decision what to comprise or what not, a writer needs to keep in mind the relevance.

    Relevance can help them to understand the characteristics that are worth to compare and contrast. Every student or the writer requires a good thesis statement to decide the irrelevance or relevance. This will help the writer to keep the writing very much focused on few ideas based on the entire topic.

    For the compare and contrast essays, it is important to research deep to find the dissimilarities and similarities. The topic of the essay is a two for but basically, you need to write two essays in one.

    There are few pointers and tips thankfully for helping you to get your compare and contrast essay smoothly written and also finish off without having to pull the all-nighter. If you find writing compare contrast essay as challenging and unmanageable, you can choose to buy compare and contrast essay from custom essay writing service online. Once you start the essay to write, you will finally realize that the essay writes itself. What you need to do is just fill in your clear ideas whether you are narrating the topic closet your heart or maybe arguing the point of view.

    Let your thought flow easily and naturally in a flowing, logical fashion. Here are some useful tips to write your essays:. With these types of essays, a student can understand the importance of comparative views and can reflect the comparative thinking in the classroom. Compare and contrast essay writing is actually an indispensable part of an academic career that a student cannot just overlook.

    These kinds of essays demand a certain type of writing skills from the part of a writer. The paper, compare and contrast is more applied in the academic context. Compare and contrast writing is more difficult and different types of writing than rest of the expository formats. But, finally, it requires more practice to gain knowledge and excellence in writing.

    Remember that efficiency in writing comes from a student by improving their writing skills and also by practicing it. The compare and contrast strategy can strengthen the writing skills by providing one simple structure, which helps the students to organize different information and improve the ideas with excellent precision and clarity. For students, writing is a common and very important task to deal with at some point in their school, college and university years. None of the students can take academic writing very lightly.

    There are some expert essay writers who can help you with your academic papers if you find it is testing for you. Best essay writing service can do the job for you quite easily and also lets you keep away from writing tensions, struggles and stress. We will never share it with any one even to our own writers. Services of EssaysChief. We by no means support plagiarism and provide our services for the referencing purpose.

    So, we recommend you to use our services for the same reason. Compare and Contrast Essay. Start With the Topic Start the process by analyzing the topic of the essay. Usually, you will need to contrast and compare a specific subject of two principles like the comparing and contrasting different characters in a certain study book.

    Read the book or at least go through by the subject matter. Organize After identifying the topics, focus more to decide which are the potential similarities and dissimilarities. This is the best way to put across the ideas effectively on that particular topic and making a connection with the reader. So, organize your essay in a divide or alternative pattern.