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I think you know this too but have committed so much time to this idea that its become an unwavering tradition of thought for you too. The problem with tradition is that people who practice it also preach it. What you need to grasp is that Critical thinking is a tradition too, as practiced by the Stoics who make of point of NOT preaching.

My wife and I spent this past weekend with good friends. One evening, they shared photos of their family and took us on a stroll down memory lane. They have wonderful memories of raising their family.

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Now their children are grown up, and have kids of their own. Traditions strengthen the importance of family, reinforce important values, and bring everyone so much comfort and joy.

Compose Introduction

Dear sir,I am very much inspired by your personal life,personality and specially by your thoughts,I often use your thoughts as examples,and my classmates started to say me philosopher. Thank you for reading my posts and sharing the thoughts with your friends.

I hope to see you back again soon. Traditions serve as a signpost for the whole world. Holidays are an important fabric of life. Traditions can also be as simple as reading to your kids before bedtime, saying your prayers, or having pizza with your family on Sundays. Frank, I read your article with great interest and fully agree with not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But I am at a total loss about how can I possible save the baby and just throw the bathwater which is indeed horribly dirty.

With each generation, a heavy editing is required in traditions to make them a good thing for all concerned.

Which means that families and individuals should have the freedom to define their own tradition. But trust me, the way traditions degenerate and decay over time, even the pizza tradition can lose relevance or become outright harmful over time. I can fully imagine a scared daughter-in-law pushing the pizza down her throat out of sheer fear, even though she hates it and is fighting obesity. We must make it clear to future generations that they can dump a tradition if it does not bring them joy, and give them the freedom to define their own. Or else it just becomes a burden that needs to be dragged out of fear and guilt.

My Family Tradition At The Slopes Of Rural Switzerland

The world may have changed, but the values that I hold dear have not. My hope is that we build upon it. One of the great things about this country is that we still have an opportunity to express our ideas freely. Thank you for voicing your opinion. The truth is , many holidays are becoming so commercialized that our proud traditions are in danger of becoming trivialized. Frank I was googling why traditions are important for my New Years Card, and I had in my notes many of the same points you raised in a much more eloquent way. I think people attacking traditions specifically religious traditions are missing the point of your article.

It is built around a common core but it becomes inclusive of everyone who shares in it and it makes you smile when you shake it up and lose yourself in the memory of it. But with the increased number of immigrants from other culture, traditional value means different things for different group of people. Immigrants who came to America did so, in part, because they embraced the values of this great nation and sought a better opportunity for their families.

The concept of America made us exceptional in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. I am writing a musical set in an Irish-American pub. First act, a long time ago. Second act, not long ago.

My Family Tradition Essays

Much of the action will be centered on traditions established and changed over time. I came upon your writings and I find them thought-provoking and relevant to my project. The best traditions center on caring for one another. Whether religion-based, secular-based, calendar-based, culturally-based… I find a bit of home in them. I feel both centered and yet growing. To me, this is how our traditions, though seemingly different, are the hope of unification of humankind. Sir I am truly inspired by your thoughts you gave me another point of view to think about tradition and ritualistic Thankyou Regards Omkar wagh India.

Mr Sonnenberg, I totally agree with the reasons you have identified for why millions follow tradition; for comfort and belonging, to recall heritage and find meaning. The problem arises is that tradition should not be utilised as a means to understand who you are as a person. Because tradition is outdated, it does not take into consideration the current context, the present time and evolving climate around life.

Why is this dangerous? Sadly, those who adamantly hold onto tradition create the most conflict, due the inflexibility and lack of understanding and openness to new and better experiences. This is an oxymoron. The human mind cannot evolve if all we ever was did was continue on doing what we have done for many decades. When in reality, the one who questions and decides their own principles and builds their own values is the one who is evolving. We should be teaching the younger generation to be brave, to question society, to learn from tradition and learn from mistakes.

To develop their own sense of self, their own principles and evolve independently and be proud of this. What really motivates people to continue on doing, acting out, thinking and behaving in ways that are outdated and irrelevant is out of fear. Society is afraid of not having something to follow, model, copy. What is my child? Encourage our children to be who they want to be, develop their independence and encourage questioning and curiosity and they will be happier for it.

my family traditions

I choose to recognize our kids on Graduation Day for their hard work and effort and to mark a new chapter in their life. I choose to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a great man and role model who inspired the world and taught us the importance of tolerance and moral character, and brought civility to our public discourse.

I choose to celebrate our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. The truth is, many people gave their lives for freedoms that others now take for granted. Do you have an article or book you could recommend to me…information in your good name that I could use in my informational handout, as well as in a PowerPoint. All posters on this site can be downloaded for free. I am really impressed by your ideas and behavior. That is most sincere and inspiring thoughts I have ever read.

Thank You.

My Family Tradition | Teen Ink

Culture and custom are your identities. Thanks so much for the knowledge shared, it is indeed an inspiration that reminds both old and young folks to value and protect their traditions. Frank I need your assistance, am writing on traditional objects and their significants I need books that will put me through I will be grateful if my request is looked into thanks. I find this truly useful. It brings families together and enables people to reconnect with friends.

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They can also be used to exclude. Just as we strive to better ourselves each day, a country can do the same. The best way to do this is to encourage free and open debate. Debate encourages people to challenge viewpoints in a safe and open environment. This back-and-forth exchange exposes the strengths and weaknesses of an argument and emboldens everyone to either build on its merits or discard it.

It also facilitates the understanding of opposing viewpoints and challenges everyone to consider various sides of an issue. The fact is, some folks shout down, bully, and belittle those with whom they disagree — all in the name of progress. Your email address will not be published.

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These family members have few excellent traditions and conventional customs to abide by. When you compose a research oriented content on family tradition, you should describe importance of old customs and traditional believes maintained by few oldies even in this ultra modern society.

These old values and family traditions help people to remember golden days in past.