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The Red Convertible - Assignment Example

Make sure you proofread your work carefully; typos, poor grammar, and spelling errors will adversely affect your grade. Your Introduction needs to end with a thesis, which is a statement of the main point that you will be proving in your essay. A thesis can be sentences. Here is an example of a thesis statement based on a short story. Yours should look somewhat like this note that the author's name and the name of the short story must be included in the thesis : source..

The story describes the memory of Lyman about his brother Henry, who is the protagonist. The two brothers bought a red convertible on impulse; it gave them many experiences, which marked the good times, during their brotherhood. However, after Henry leaves for the Vietnam War, his spirit breaks, he grows into a worrisome man, and the relationship with the brother changes — never to get back to the way they used to be before. This essay discusses the theme of brotherhood — which explicates the change of outlook towards life and relationships — from the case of Henry, as told in The Red Convertible by Louise Erdich.

The experiences of the brother demonstrate the profound change in Henry, which could have resulted from his entry into the military and his combat experience, which changed his calm nature. Henry is victimized by the war and its horrific scenes forever etched in his memory. The ties of brotherhood are very affected so that every the relationship which is developed through the car has become shattered. The move from joint ownership to non-ownership is represented by the passage of the book.

Ultimately this act is a rebuttal when the siblings were fighting over who should possess the car. Lyman refuses the car because the prime source of his happiness came from seeing his brother happy, and since his brother has perished, the meaning of the car has sunk into meaninglessness. The next important feature is that Lyman places his brother Henry as the elder of the two at the beginning of the story, although in reality, Lyman is the elder.

Symbolism in the Red Convertible Essay - Words | Cram

This age reversal only shows the deference and respect for his brother that Lyman thinks he deserves. Lyman abuses the car terribly in a desperate attempt to recover his brother whom he had lost during the war. It can be argued that Henry was already dead since what returned after the war was only a shell of the once energetic and light-hearted young man. Lyman tries to salvage what remains of their relationship by going out on a trip with Henry and by giving him the car, in hopes that it would contribute to some meaningful purpose in life.

He prefaces the story with the fact that he was the first to ever own a convertible on the Native American reservation. Native Americans are typically poor and insolvent. Lyman reveals this fact since when he was young he was good at earning money. The car is a memorial of his achievement at the restaurant which ended unfortunately by a natural disaster for he spends most of his money on purchasing the car. His business acumen was noticed by those around him. He gives the reader a list of his former jobs shoe-shiner, flower vendor, dishwasher, busboy, cook, assistant manager, manager, co-owner, and owner, a self-made success.

The upward social movement and success set Lyman apart from his brother and his native society. The poverty of the Native Americans is clearly outlined in their earlier years.

The odd jobs serve to earn income to provide for the needs of the family. The irony of the story that the very convertible through which Lyman hopes to bond with his brother is the very instrument that precipitates separation and demise.

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With hopes that the car would help heal Henry and his shattered self, the car becomes one of the main reasons why the brothers disagree. Before Henry leaves for war as if not expecting to return , Henry gives up his rights to the car and gives Lyman his keys. However, Lyman objects and proposes that he would keep the car safe until his brother returns from the Vietnam War. Lyman chooses to renounce all right to having another car so that the red convertible becomes the first and last car that he ever owns.

Walking from place to place is his preferred way to travel because it would mean replacing his brother somehow. Leyman chooses to continue the memory of his brother Henry, making him come alive in the story.

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What was once a representative of social triumph becomes an unforgettable and tragic model of an ill-fated brother, unable to come to terms with the cruelty of war and cannot reconcile the civilized, pacific world with the war torn world of the soldiers and veterans.

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